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Orchestra of Destruction

What a lovely macaroon!

NoMad Imhotep
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Greetings citizen,I am User Nomad!
Repeat after me:

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Everything's Possible
Nothing is True

The WeatherPixie

About User Nomad.
wellll....I'm an artist/illustrator I suppose.I'm also studying Graphics design:)Sometimes I'm a right cynical bastard,other times very optimistic.
Woo yay hoopla....
Throughout the course of this journal you will find my personal thoughts and opinions on serious topical issues, as well as inane shite:) Sometimes I'll pen about everyday life,though not all of it. I also have a surreal sense of humour and see irony in lots of things.

Sarcasm, Lowest form of wit. Highest form of intelligence!

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I have online stores for my photography and designs:
This is Zazzle Go here for prints,posters and cards. Also doing t-shirts :D

Over here we have my Cafepress store!
I sell allsorts there, including Mugs!Buy my Mugs!
You need Mugs to drink Tea or coffee with and therefore live. Thus not buying my mugs would be suicide!
Buy my mugs or DIE!

Thinking about it, there are only two things that make the English happy:
Tearing off the plastic wrapping from a new CD for the first time, or watching other people fail.

Armando Iannucci~